“We used Jacqueline to create and manage a contemporary small garden design for our home in Wokingham. What started as a small and heavily overlooked jungle (with a shed!) which has now been transformed into a modern and private garden, with ample space for relaxing and entertaining. What’s lovely about working with Jacqueline is not just the end result, but also the process. At the first meeting, she did an amazing job of taking the vague ideas and desires we had, and turning them into a comprehensive design that felt unique, but also, exactly what we would have wanted. Fast-forward 6 months and the plants have started to grow. We don’t just have a garden that looks amazing, but also one that works for our needs – low maintenance! If you’re thinking of getting your garden done, I really can’t recommend Jacqueline enough. She’s not only incredibly talented, but she’s a joy to work with too. I was never much of a ‘garden person’ so I hesitated for a long time to get ours done. However, having gone through this process with Jacqueline, the garden is now without doubt the favourite part of our home! ”  H Coles

“We approached Jacqueline for discharge of planning conditions and she did a great job, at a reasonable price, that satisfied the local authority. We plan to contact her after our build and use her skills and planning to develop the garden further. Very lovely lady. Thanks Jacqueline ”  S Langdale

“Our garden was definitely a problem child! Over the years it had gained two entrances, a visible back garden, and no proper path…it needed help! Jacqueline completely transformed it, and was there for us every step of the way. She’s an absolute expert, and I learnt so much about the principles of garden design along the journey. She was attentive, listened to our needs, and I had complete confidence in her counsel and recommendations. The result is a garden we will enjoy for decades to come. I cannot recommend Jacqueline highly enough if you – like us – need a little support and inspiration to help your garden come together. Thank you, Jacqueline, we are hugely grateful. ”  E Clark

“I would like to add my comments to my husband’s review. Jacqueline has designed 2 gardens for us now – the first was a small garden in a Victorian terrace – which she transformed into a wonderful outside living area with grown-ups and very young children in mind. This time she has transformed the front of our house from a bland area overrun with weeds to an English cottage garden – with soft hues of purple, pink, white and blues. We planted it with the help of Jacqueline’s thorough guidance at the end of February and it has grown and filled out beautifully. It makes me smile every time I come home! We simply could not have done it without you, Jacqueline, thank you.”  S Yeatman

“Having done our back garden 20 odd years ago, which we loved and were sad to leave, we had Jacqueline back to do our front garden this time. She did a great design for us, made it really easy for us, organising all the plants. Now it’s all planted up, we love it already and can’t wait to see it grow and flower.”  J Yeatman

“We engaged Jacqueline to design our rear garden which I must admit was quite a challenge. Having moved into a new property, the task was considerable and daunting. The garden was more akin to a jungle of conifers and other very overgrown bushes; hence, the soil was drained and tired. It was time to more or less start from scratch. Jacqueline did a comprehensive survey and also engaged us to understand what we were looking for. She then, after a lot of careful thought, drew up a wonderful design that we immediately loved. Many things needed to be carefully thought through … what could be saved and what needed to go, how would we shape it all so that it becomes a new space that we could enjoy. The seasonal colour scheme, etc… The end result is a design that is way above and beyond anything we could have come up with ourselves and has resulted in a new space that is quite frankly very exciting. We are now truly looking forward to spring. Once we had the design for review what happens from there was completely up to us. She was able to recommend the services of reliable and experienced contractors to do the heavy lifting and clearing, and was also happy for us to proceed slowly or if we wished, at a faster pace by arranging for the delivery of the new plantings and compost. The end result ticks all the boxes – functional, practical, aesthetic, and beautiful. Many thanks, Jacqueline ”  D Gamble

“Jacqueline worked with us to understand our requirements for our garden and then created a plan which we were delighted with. The plan included both patio design as well as lawn and planting. She worked with the contractor to ensure everything was delivered to plan. Can’t recommend Jacqueline enough.”  J Warsap

“Jacqueline has helped me with two garden designs, balancing her architectural design skills with her creative gardening knowledge. She really listened to my wishes and gently nudged me to consider new and innovative ideas. She is very collaborative and delivers beautiful design sketches for you to consider. The results have been really brilliant. I would highly recommend Jacqueline.”  C Lee

“Jacqueline offers a unique and very special garden design service which leads to an amazing end result. She spent a lot of time with me at the outset so I could understand the general principles of designing a beautiful and interesting space. And then spent a lot more time going through the options to tailor the design to my preferences, my garden and my budget. Her skills and her energy made the whole process a lot of fun. The end result is a beautiful design that I feel we’ve built together and which I’m looking forward to living with for many years ahead. Thank you Jacqueline!!”  D Walkington

“Jacqueline is a wonderful addition to the design team enhancing our buildings and bringing forward creative ideas and inspiration regardless of budget. I have worked with her on both commercial and residential schemes and would not hesitate to introduce her to clients. ”  MP Architecture

“Jacqueline has helped me on the design of 2 gardens – just is great at capturing a brief and translating it into something beautiful and that works.”  C Rason

“Jacqueline has the gift of creating a stunning garden that fits in with the needs and budget of the customer. She spent time with me, explaining the principle of garden design to help me to see how these principles could be applied in my garden. She then began to build the design of my garden area by area and together we discussed options. By the end of her visit, we had a clear vision of how my garden could look. She left me a sketch and followed it up with a detailed plan and recommended planting. I can highly recommend Jacqueline, she has the incredible skill of being able to see great potential in any garden. Her experience and passion for plants gives her the knowledge to understand how clever planting can transform an area.
Whatever your budget, Jacqueline is able to work within the needs of the customer. My garden is about to be transformed and I am so glad that I chose to work with Jacqueline rather than relying on my own ideas or going to a different design company.”  J Wood

“We are thrilled with our newly landscaped garden and were impressed not only by the finished product but by Jacqueline’s imaginative, creative design and excellent customer service. Having recently completed a rear extension to our property, Jacqueline achieved our aim of complementing the garden to the indoor contemporary style open plan living space. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”  R Henderson

“The garden looks truly wonderful and better than we ever imagined.  We can’t thank you enough for getting the design spot on. It delivers so much already with the various ‘rooms’ and changes in ambience as you walk round.” L Pontefract

“We have commissioned Jacqueline to design our last two gardens. Each time she has taken time to understand our style and needs and has provided designs that have perfectly suited our requirements. A professionally designed garden provides another ‘room’ in which we spend much more time than previously.”  S Quinlan

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